Meet the knife maker…

Hello and thank you for visiting my website that was designed by my very good friend and former bandmate Rob. I am Dr. Chris Pendergraft a 57 year old retired high school assistant principal and have been bladesmithing for two years. Over that time I have made over 100 blades, taken several classes from Forged in Fire Champions Billy Salyers & Britt Barnes and have joined the organization Redeemed Steel.

“The Redeemed Steel Network is a collection of makers/craftsmen/smiths/etc… across the world that come together for a single purpose, to allow God to reveal his glory and display his power through their works, leading others to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ” (,n.d.)

In January of 2023 I will travel to Connecticut to learn from Forged in Fire Champion Brian Evelich. Recently I became a part of the American Bladesmith Society as an Apprentice. Often I am asked “What is your favorite knife?” my response is always the same “It’s the one I working on”

Besides Bladesmithing I enjoy spending time with family, hunting, fishing, playing guitar, football, scuba diving, riding my horses, outdoor cooking & camping, and caving.